Our highly-trained RNs play a vital role in the senior care we provide

They are available to train and oversee our nurse delegated caregivers, provide clinical quality toenail care, fill medication dispensers and complete adult family home assessments in the Seattle area. Call us to discuss your situation—206-686-7440 or 877-281-7111.

Nurse delegation

Our RNs, following state guidelines, can delegate specially trained caregivers to provide additional services to our clients. These services can include medication administration, tube feeding, simple wound care, blood glucose monitoring and insulin injections. All such services are carefully monitored and are under specific guidelines agreed to by our RNs, caregivers and clients.

Foot care

Proper foot care is essential to seniors’ overall good health. Our RNs have received advanced training under a physician to provide clinical-quality toenail and callus care. Our clients with diabetes, thickened toenails or other foot care challenges often use this service.

Medication management

As the need for medication grows with age, so does the challenge of keeping track of it all. Our RNs can do an audit of medications a senior is—or should be—taking. They can reconcile different medication lists and make sure the current and correct one is in use. Our RNs can also fill pill organizers and medications dispensers.

Adult family home assessments

Sometimes it’s no longer possible for a senior to live independently at home and moving to an adult family home becomes the appropriate next step. Our RNs can complete the adult family home (AFH) assessment form, which is required for transitioning into an adult family home. Copies will be provided to you and to the AFHs of your choice.